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Courses will be given in:
  • Germany Köln , Frankfurt ,Dortmund, Berlin, München
  • Benelux : Antwerpen , Brussel , Eindhoven , Amsterdam
  • Austria : Innsbrück
  • Spain: Alicante /Madrid
  • France: Paris, Nice
  • US, Canada and Asia

Place : Conference room in a Hotel or Health Centre near or in the city

For whom: Medical doctors, physiotherapists, employees medical rehabilitation clinics and other health care professionals. Everyone interested in this course may sign in. The one-day course is free to attend.

This is including:

  • Coffee / Tea / Lunch /
  • Diner on request
  • Pen and notebook
  • Introduction Thermography
  • Software explanation and how to use the camera
  • Cases examples and applications
  • Reporting
  • Certificate of attendee

There are infrared systems available for those who have no thermal camera themselves

Course description

Medical Infrared Imaging is a technique which allows analysis of minimal variations in skin temperature. The skin of healthy people has a thermal SYMMETRY. Any ASYMMETRY detected indicates a change in the body that may be related to disease or dysfunction. The human hand is only able to detect changes of more than 2 ° C. However, the Infrared camera is able to assess up to a tenth of a degree centigrade difference and more, without any physical contact.

Normally, an increase in temperature indicates a higher local blood circulation which may be due to a process of pain or inflammation and other factors. Each skin area communicates with a particular organ, joint or muscle through the nervous system. If there is any change in these structures, it may appear as areas of abnormal temperature patterns to the associated region of the skin.

Medical Infrared Imaging is one of the most modern methods of medical indication today. The infrared imaging is particularly useful in chronic pain patients with negative conventional tests or who suffered multiple painful procedures without satisfactory results. Also known as Medical Infrared Thermography, it can be repeated as often as necessary without risk or pain for the patient, and is completely harmless. 

Medical Infrared Imaging is a proven technique, save, easy, fast and painless to detect functional pathology. It is used in addition to clinical evaluation with structural techniques as X-ray, ultrasound, and MRI.  Presentation with topics: Medical infrared Imaging: – in the rheumatology – in the neurology / neurosurgery – in the family doctor practice – and sports injuries. – and surgery / infectiology – and rehabilitation During this course there are several practical lessons. After completion of the entire course, you will receive a certificate .

The benefits of ThermoScope

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