General Medicine

Thermal imaging can provide additional insights and support to healthcare professionals in diabetology.

Thermography in General Medicine

Early detection of diseases

Thermography can help to detect abnormalities in the body at an early stage, which can indicate various diseases. By identifying abnormal temperature changes in certain areas of the body, the general practitioner can become aware of possible health problems and arrange further appropriate diagnostic tests or treatments.

Assessment support

Thermography can be used as a complementary (measuring) tool to enable a more comprehensive assessment of a patient’s health status. By combining visual inspection and thermographic analysis, the general practitioner can obtain additional information that can help with making the diagnosis.

Non-invasive procedure

Thermography is a non-invasive method that does not require radiation exposure or painful procedures. This makes the procedure more comfortable for patients and minimizes the risk of complications.

Monitoring of treatment progress

For patients who are already receiving treatment, thermography can help monitor the progress of therapy. Changes in temperature distribution may indicate positive or negative reactions of the body to treatment. The general practitioner can use this information to adjust the treatment plan or suggest an alternative/adjusted therapy.

Preventive application

Thermography can also be used in preventive medical care to point out potential health risks at an early stage. Regular thermographic examinations allow the general practitioner to monitor changes in the body health status and take measures to prevent diseases.

It is important to note that thermography alone cannot provide a definitive result and should only be used in combination with other diagnostic procedures and the clinical assessment of the general practitioner. Below are just a few examples of studies on the application of thermography in general medical practice. There are other scientific studies and publications that deal with this topic providing further insights and findings.

The benefits of ThermoScope
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