The ThermoScope can be widely applied. Think about orthopaedists, dermatologists, rheumatologists, sports doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, podiatrists or dentists.

The ThermoScope is also very helpfull with patients who have poor communication skills, such as children or the elderly, or when you have very valuable patients like professional athletes who may not want to communicate all inflammations.

Professional sports

Thermography has become an invaluable tool for professional sports teams that are looking to reduce injuries and maximize athlete performance. It is a safe, non-invasive technology that provides valuable insight into each athlete’s condition and allows coaches to create personalised training plans that address any potential issues before they turn into serious problems. The mobile, radiation-free set-up makes it possible to carry out the measurements at the sports complex.


By incorporating thermal imaging into their practice, orthopedic practitioners, physical therapists, and sport medical examiners/doctors can enhance their diagnostic capabilities, improve treatment planning, and monitor patients’ progress more effectively.


Thermal imaging has the potential to be used in advanced diabetes care in several ways. While the primary method for diagnosing and monitoring diabetes is through blood glucose testing, thermal imaging can provide additional insights and support to healthcare professionals.


Thermography can help detect abnormalities in skin temperature that may indicate the presence of skin cancer. By identifying suspicious areas early, the dermatologist can take steps for a early determination and treatment.

Aesthetic Surgery

Thermal imaging can provide insights into the temperature distribution and thermal patterns of tissues. This information can help surgeons assess the characteristics of the target area (ROI) before liposuction

General medicine

Thermography can help to detect abnormalities in the body at an early stage, which can indicate various diseases. By identifying abnormal temperature changes in certain areas of the body, the general practitioner can become aware of possible health problems and arrange further appropriate diagnostic tests or treatments.

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The benefits of ThermoScope

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