ThermoScope Standard

The ThermoScope Standard package is well for measurements on the body. With almost three times more measurement points than the ThermoScope Lite package, you’ll get more precision in your measurements.


The ThermoScope Standard is a package of an high-end thermal imaging camera with a license to our ThermoScope software. The ThermoScope IR-Professional HD thermal camera has a resolution of 307,200 measuring points, a thermal resolution of 0.035°C and a frame rate of 50Hz.

Due to the high pixel resolution, the ThermoScope IR-Professional HD is ideally suited for detecting the smallest thermal differences. When analyzing thermal changes under load, such as treadmill analysis, the P640 delivers the best measurement results.

Additional information

Image sensor

Uncooled vanadium oxide sensor

IR detector resolution

640 x 480

Pixel distance

17 μm

Spectral range

8 – 14 μm


< 35 mK (@25°C), F#=1,0

Focal distance

25 mm

Field of view

25° x 19°°

Frame rate

50 Hz


Manual focus, continuous autofocus, auto focus

Spacial Resolution

0,68 mrad



Minimum focus distance

0,3 m

Our customers & partners

Orthopedic Practice Piusallee
We rely on traditional methods, but also on state-of-the-art indication systems such as thermography.
Orthopedicum Mainz
Get pain and other movement problems under control, with for example thermography.
Orthopedist Stuttgart
We strive for a holistic analysis and can successfully draw on a variety of therapeutic methods. We also apply thermography for indication purposes.
Atos Clinics
Thermography is used as an additional indication procedure as part of the usual standard examination of the joint, with the focus on assessing the severity of an inflammatory reaction.
thesportgroup academy
With the thesportgroup academy, we offer high-quality and application-oriented sports medicine education at all levels.
1. FSV Mainz 05
In this German lecture, PD Dr. med. Stefan Mattyasovszky presents an old, but for human medicine innovative imaging method as a diagnostic support for musculoskeletal diseases within orthopaedics, sports medicine and competitive sports.
Movement is life, and life is movement – ​​the SPORTHOMEDIC team has adopted this philosophy for good reason. As a medical Olympic base, the team also looks after many athletes and teams from a wide variety of sports.
Orthopaedics Sieger
We use thermography flexibly as a non-contact and non-invasive method for diagnosing a variety of diseases: for example, circulatory disorders or inflammation in the extremities, the spine and other joints can be detected quickly and reliably.

Research into Thermography and Health

Mysterious Patterns – Infrared Thermography for Sports Medicine Performance Diagnostics
Using a high-resolution infrared camera, sports scientists at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz have discovered how blood flow in human skin changes during activity.
Thermography – a new method for diagnosing inflammatory joint diseases
The increase in blood flow leads to a temperature increase in the inflamed tissue, which can be detected with thermography if the temperature increase on the skin surface exceeds a difference of 0.3 degrees compared to the unaffected opposite side.
Thermography and cryotherapy
Innovative diagnostic investigations and treatment of trigger points in the shoulder girdle with thermography.
Infrared thermography: Examples of use in orthopaedic and sports medicine disorders
Infrared thermography provides us in our orthopaedic and sports medicine practice with a complementary imaging procedure that is fast, non-invasive, painless, objective and above all radiation-free.
Infrared thermography in the screening and diagnosis of breast cancer
There is limited, moderate-to-good quality evidence that thermography is not an effective screening method for breast cancer.
Thermography in diseases of the musculoskeletal system
Infrared thermography can be useful in rheumatology and peripheral nervous system disorders as a noninvasive imaging modality.
Abnormal thermography in Parkinson’s disease
To assess autonomic dysfunction in PD, this straightforward method of thermography may be helpful.
Thermal characteristics of rheumatoid feet in remission: Baseline data
These results reveal that when compared to healthy controls, RA patients who are in clinical and radiological remission have significantly distinct foot thermographic patterns.

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