ThermoScope Professional HD

The ThermoScope Professional HD redefines the standards for thermographic camera systems.


The ThermoScope Professional HD redefines the standards for thermographic camera systems. With autofocus, outstanding HD resolution and an impressive number of temperature measurement points, it sets the standard in terms of accuracy and performance. In addition to precise temperature measurement, this model also offers the ability to record radiographic video, enabling dynamic monitoring of temperature changes in real time. The integration of Wi-Fi enables wireless data transmission, which increases flexibility and adaptability. ThermoScope Professional HD is the ultimate choice for demanding users who demand the highest performance and functionality.

SENSOR ThermoScope Professional HD

  • Focusable lens (manual) and permanent autofocus
  • Sensitivity: 0.010°C (at 18°C to 25°C room temperature)
  • Temperature range: 20°C to 50°C (calibrated)
  • Single image recording with digital image, radiometric video recording

Storage SD card

  • IP connection to software for wireless download of measurements and further processing/evaluation in the ThermoScope Professional software

Target group

  • Orthopedic surgeons, hospitals, physiotherapists, dermatologists, etc… Professional use in practices and hospitals, research and development

Set includes:

  • SENSOR ThermoScope Professional HD thermographic camera
  • Carrying case
  • 2 lithium ion batteries
  • Battery charging station, power supply, USB data cable, English user manual
  • 36 months manufacturer’s warranty
Leasing ThermoScope

For our German customers, we now have created the possibility to give you access to our systems via leasing options, in cooperation with MMV Bank. Are you located elsewhere? We’re happy to search with you for another payment solution.

MMV Bank’s attractive leasing offer not only gives you the advantage of financial flexibility. You can use the latest technology without having to bear high acquisition costs.

If you are interested in leasing our ThermoScope systems or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our customers & partners

Orthopedic Practice Piusallee
We rely on traditional methods, but also on state-of-the-art indication systems such as thermography.
Orthopedicum Mainz
Get pain and other movement problems under control, with for example thermography.
Orthopedist Stuttgart
We strive for a holistic analysis and can successfully draw on a variety of therapeutic methods. We also apply thermography for indication purposes.
Atos Clinics
Thermography is used as an additional indication procedure as part of the usual standard examination of the joint, with the focus on assessing the severity of an inflammatory reaction.
thesportgroup academy
With the thesportgroup academy, we offer high-quality and application-oriented sports medicine education at all levels.
PD Dr. med. Stefan Mattyasovszky
In this German lecture, PD Dr. med. Stefan Mattyasovszky presents an old, but for human medicine innovative imaging method as a diagnostic support for musculoskeletal diseases within orthopaedics, sports medicine and competitive sports.
Movement is life, and life is movement – ​​the SPORTHOMEDIC team has adopted this philosophy for good reason. As a medical Olympic base, the team also looks after many athletes and teams from a wide variety of sports.
Orthopaedics Sieger
We use thermography flexibly as a non-contact and non-invasive method for diagnosing a variety of diseases: for example, circulatory disorders or inflammation in the extremities, the spine and other joints can be detected quickly and reliably.

Research into Thermography and Health

Infrared Thermography Protocol on Reducing the Incidence of Soccer Injuries
The results showed that the implementation of the infrared thermography significantly reduced the number of injuries and days lost due to injuries compared to a conventional injury prevention program.
Accuracy of infrared thermography in detecting tendinopathy: A systematic review with meta-analysis
Infrared thermography demonstrated good accuracy in detecting tendon injuries, especially in evaluating lateral epicondylitis and shoulder tendinopathy.
Applications of thermal imaging with infrared thermography in Orthopaedics
This non-contact and precise technology shows promise for multiple medical subfields within Orthopaedics.
Infrared thermography for the evaluation of adolescent and juvenile idiopathic scoliosis: A systematic review
The authors propose additional recommendations to improve the accuracy of thermal acquisition in scoliosis evaluation using infrared thermography.
Medical thermography: a diagnostic approach for type 2 diabetes based on non-contact infrared thermal imaging
Thermography has the potential to be a diagnostic and prognostic tool for diabetes.
Pre-, Intra-, and Postoperative Use of Dynamic Infrared Thermography (DIRT) Provides Valuable Information on Skin Perfusion in Perforator Flaps Used in Reconstructive Surgery
Dynamic infrared thermography (DIRT) has proven to be a simple and reliable imaging technique for all phases of perforator flap surgery.
Non-contact thermal imaging as potential tool for personalized diagnosis and prevention of cellulite
The researchers used infrared (IR) thermography to analyze the body's surface temperature distribution and successfully diagnosed cellulite stages in female volunteers.
Implementation of artificial intelligence and non-contact infrared thermography for prediction and personalized automatic identification of different stages of cellulite
IR thermography with AI has the potential to become an effective tool in understanding cellulite development and tailoring treatments, contributing to predictive, preventive, and personalized medicine (PPPM).

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