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ThermoScope is a non-invasive screening and scanning system which provides additional diagnosis based on body temperature.

Our package of innovative digital imaging software and thermograpghy provides professional reports and analysis for both the doctor and the patient.

ThermoScope Software

With ThermoScope diagnostics, you’re good to go. See how our software works (for you).


The applications of ThermoScope Diagnostics are many and varied and are used wherever temperatures can provide information.


The ThermoScope Diagnostic System is now successfully used in a wide variety of specialisations and supports physicians and therapists.


Learn about ThermoScope Diagnostics and see how effective it is. Use our experience for your practice or facility.

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The benefits of ThermoScope
ThermoScope | Thermal Health Analysis

Temperature and health have been closely linked for centuries. Ever since Hippocrates, medical professionals have recognized the importance of an elevated temperature. Fever is without a doubt a universal symptom of an unhealthy condition that is currently a trending topic due to the Covid-19 pandemic. From a physiological point of view, the human body controls its demanding thermoregulation through the central nervous system from the hypothalamus. We find different ways to transfer the excess heat from the human body: evaporation, conduction, convection and radiation.

Approximately 60% of human heat loss is caused by radiation, and this is where thermal imaging cameras can come in handy.

The use of ThermoScope systems allows quick and easy detection of asymmetric body temperature based on the thermal symmetry of the human body. The use of ThermoScope can indicate, among other things, pathologies such as inflammation, tumors, arthritis and osteoarthritis, vascular diseases and possible ulceration, as well as be used for early detection, for example, Charcot foot.

ThermoScope | Your entry into thermal diagnostics

Thermoscope offers various system solutions and service packages. In addition to purchase, it is possible to rent or lease a system including a software license and a service package including annual calibration.

ThermoScope systems offers three choices. The ThermoScope Professional and Professional HD for mobile use within your practice or treatment rooms, as well as the use at the patient or on the sports field. The ThermoScope Professional HD FIX is designed for stationary use and can optionally be delivered with a mobile all-in-one station (with pre-installed PC, screen, printer, ThermoScope Professional HD FIX mounted on a height adjustable stand).

ThermoScope | Analysis and Diagnostics Software

To analyze your measurements faster and more effectively, we have developed ThermoScope software. This is installed locally on your own computer or network. This ensures data security, as a patient’s measurements and personal data do not need to be shared with ThermoScope or other parties.

With the measurement tools (measurement points, hot- / coldspot, area and line measurement) you can read every single pixel of the measurement and get accurate measurement results with an accuracy of 0.04°C in addition to the color differences in the image.

Using different avatars (measurement grids), you can thermally compare and evaluate different body parts, such as a “left/right” or “before/after” comparison. The avatars are available for different body parts (whole body, upper body, back, hands, feet, etc…).

Why ThermoScope?
  • We train you and your employees in the use of the camera and software
  • We support you in setting up a practicable workflow in your practice
  • The software license includes all new features and updates 
  • A hotline is available from Monday to Friday. Available between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm
  • Ongoing training courses
  • ThermoScope (Sensor GmbH) has been the leading company in the field of measurement technology and system solutions since 1990
We visit you in your practice and present ThermoScope live. You can also test the system by appointment.
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Our customers & partners

Orthopedic Practice Piusallee
We rely on traditional methods, but also on state-of-the-art diagnostics such as thermography.
Orthopedicum Mainz
Get pain and other movement problems under control, with for example thermography.
Orthopedist Stuttgart
We strive for a holistic analysis and can successfully draw on a variety of therapeutic methods. We also apply thermography for diagnosis.
Atos Clinics
Thermography is used as an additional diagnostic procedure as part of the usual standard examination of the joint, with the focus on assessing the severity of an inflammatory reaction.

Research into Thermography and Health

Accuracy and Function of Different Thermometry Techniques for Measuring Body Temperature
Utility of thermal image scanning in screening for febrile patients in cold climates
Infrared Thermographic Imaging of Chest Wall Perfusion in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Dynamic measurement of skin temperature of moving athletes during competition

We would be happy to advise you personally on our ThermoScope solutions, applications and possibilities…

Heiner Roeder - Sensor Specialist

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